January 31, 2013

mon0 - official Page on Facebook

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Hi there,

the official Facebook-Page is now online:

mon0 on Facebook

So if you want to be updated with news and music from me then thats the way to go.

All the best,


Some Updates/1st Mix online

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Hi there,

its been a while since i posted some news on the page, so i gonna update everyone with this post:

1. If you are interested in some dark and deep Techno from artists like Milton Bradley, Surgeon, Heiko Laux (Apathism) and Speedy J then you may have listen to my first Mix in 2013 on Soundcloud:

Mix on Soundcloud

2. The physical CD-Release on sublime Porte with sub.made will be promoted shortly. Expect more details in the next days.

3. There will be an official Facebook-Page available this month.

Thats it for the moment.

All the best,


March 26, 2012

[SP13] mon0 - monolog

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Hi there,

i am very proud to announce my frist release on one of my favourite netlabels around:
Sublime Porte. Its called monolog and will be released on March, 28th, 2012.
A preview is already available on soundcloud.

SP13 - monolog

Preview on Soundcloud

I hope you like it :-)

All the best,


November 5, 2011

Some Updates

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Hi guys,

its been a long time since my last post, so i want to give everybody some updates concercing new releases:

My next ambient release will be on test tube (Test Tube) with release number 250. i expect it to be released in December this year. The album is called “Colliding Textures” and features a runtime of approx. 60 minutes with heavy and dark drones.

And i am very proud to announce, that my next dub/techno album will be on sublime porte (Sublime Porte) - a really great and stunning dub/techno label. my album will feature 6 tracks and a runtime of approx. 60 minutes.
The estimated release date is January 2012.

Otherwise im fine and as the cold days arrive i will spend some more time on making some new stuff.

So keep tuned and visit me also on my twitter account (mon0 on Twitter)

all the best for you all,


February 8, 2011

mon0 - monolith

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Its there!


mon0 - monolith [kreislauf098]

Have fun!


December 9, 2010

Quick Update

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hi there,

long time no see but today i want to give you a small update whats going on at the moment.
currently i am working on new tracks, which will continue the mood and style of my latest release on silent season.
due to my lack of time this is a slow progress, but i am quite confident that there will be a 3 or 4 track ep available in the beginning of 2011.
to give you a first impression, klick here:

i will keep you updated!



September 7, 2010

1st Release on Silent Season

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Hi guys,

i am proud to announce my first EP on Silent Season. This EP features 3 tracks with chill and dub sounds for your pleasure.


you can download the whole EP on Silent Season

samples can be found here: Soundcloud

special thanks go out for jamie of silent season for supporting me!

alle the best,


April 22, 2010

mon0 on Twitter

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hi there,

to keep you updated on the status of my music projetcs and more stuff you can subscribe to my account:

see you there,


February 21, 2010

mon0 - Monoplex

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Hi out there,

my next Release called “Monoplex” was released today on Kreislauf. This Album is a follow up to my first Kreislauf-Album “Elements”. So you can expect Dub/Techno-Style with a mix of Dub and Ambient Elements.

Kreisluaf 085

Everything you need is available here:

Kreislauf 085

Best wishes,


December 28, 2009

mon0 - Proficisci

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Hi and Merry Christmas,

my next ambient album on was released yesterday. This album features 2 tracks evolving from dark atmospheres to lush and warm pads.


Kreislauf 079

Bye and have fun!


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